Are hummingbirds back in Mississippi yet? 

Spring may not be here yet, but the Coast's hummingbird hunt begins early, especially since the weather has convinced many to pack flip-flops.

When the days become longer and the weather improves, hummingbirds return to the north through most of the US, according to Hummingbirds Plus.  

People will discover hummingbirds in different regions by March after this migration begins at the end of February.

Have they arrived? The birds have been flying over the Mississippi Coast, but no sightings have been reported. Hummingbird Central's migration charts show a rufous hummingbird in Thibodaux, Louisiana, on Jan. 20  

and a bull-bellied in Mandeville, Louisiana, on Jan. 9. A ruby-throated hummingbird was observed in Bay Minette, Alabama, this week.

From south to north, hummingbirds migrate across the country in approximately two months. The Gulf Coast is one of the first visits on Hummingbirds Plus's migration map from March 1 to May 10.

The Mississippi State Extension Office reports that the ruby red-throated hummingbird, the most frequent, arrives in March and stays until November.

Only the ruby red-throated hummingbird breeds east of the Mississippi River, while other species have been seen on the Gulf Coast.