California Roll Recipe

Ingredients ▢6 cups cooked Sushi Rice ▢½ of an English Cucumber ▢1 Avocado ▢1 package Imitation crab sticks , 10-12 sticks ▢1 pckg Nori-dried seaweed (our sushi rice recipe requires about 6 nori sheets) ▢1 cup roasted white sesame seeds* For Serving: ▢Wasabi ▢Pickled sushi ginger ▢low-sodium soy sauce

Wrap bamboo mat in plastic wrap: Cut a 2-foot sheet of plastic wrap long enough to go around both sides and wrap the mat flat, tightly.

Repeat with another long sheet of plastic wrap, starting at the other end of the mat, to flatten and securely cover it from both sides. It prevents rolls from adhering to the mat.

sliced raw cucumber sides together, pushing slightly in a circular motion, for a minute. 

Cut the cucumber into two or three 3-4-inch sections. Slice each piece horizontally (long side) into ¼ inch pieces.

Cut avocado in half, remove core, and peel skin. Cut ½ inch thick slabs horizontally laying flat side down, then flatten and cut into ¼ inch sticks.

Prep Crab Sticks: Unwrap and tear each in half from the top, like string cheese.

Nori sheets can be used whole for giant sushi rolls or cut in half for California rolls. 

Stack two or three sheets and fold the nori in half, joining the short ends. Press to wrinkle, then carefully separate the sheets.

To keep the sushi roll together, press both palms on the bamboo mat and gently squeeze it.