Discover When Hummingbirds Are Set to Emerge in North Carolina

As spring approaches, you may be wondering when North Carolina will see hummingbirds again. It can be wonderful to prepare and place hummingbird feeders in anticipation of these fascinating tiny birds visiting your house and yard.  

Hummingbirds will return to North Carolina after a season in the south. Also, learn about North Carolina's hummingbird species.

No one knows when hummingbirds will return to North Carolina. They return when North Carolina is warm enough to support them because they follow weather patterns. Hummingbirds devour flowers when the weather allows them to bloom.  

However, you can approximate the arrival time of these beautiful birds. Most hummingbirds return to North Carolina in early April. Late March–early April.  

North Carolina's most common hummingbird is the ruby-throated. This species has vivid green plumage and red throat and chest feathers, hence its name.

The state may occasionally attract other species, especially during winter migration. These species are accidental. Rufous hummingbirds are North Carolina's most common accidentals.

These resemble ruby-throated hummingbirds but are almost totally orange. A little white patch on their breast or a light green back on their headcap may be present.